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How to Customize Event Badge?

Customize event badge template for delegate name badge printing

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If your event requires printing the name badge for guests and delegates, the badge template can be set up and customized according to the size of the badge, fields to print such as Delegate's Name, Company, Job Title Category, Table Number, QR Code, etc, font styling and background color, etc. required. This is a short video guide for how to design badges and print them.

The following is the step-by-step instruction for how the badge template can be used for both onsite instant printing upon check-in or pre-printing of badges before the event day. If your event size is 100 delegates or more, onsite instant printing would be the most efficient and effective way to manage the guest registration.

To customize the event badge template,

Login to [] and Go to My Events

  • Go to Manage ›› Setting ›› Badge Designer of the selected event as shown in the picture below.


Before you design your badge template, you will require to have the Registration Form Fields setup ready so that you can include the fields to select in the Badge Template.

In the badge template, there are essential options to customize:

  • the Badge Size, Badge Orientation, and Badge Color.

  • the fields inside the badge, such as the delegate's name, company, job title, category, QR Code

  • the styling of the font such as Font Size, Alignment, Text Style (such as Upper Case, Lower Case, etc.)

As you design your badge, you can do a preview for the final result of the badge.

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