One of EventNook's main fortes was to serve and end to end registration management including badge printing for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) events. For conference events, we understand that one of your priorities is to build your event's professionalism. Name badge printing for delegates is one of the important things you need to prepare for conferences.

Our event management system allows you to create and design your own badge for your event. To customize the badge, you can log in to

  • Go to Manage >> Setting >> Badge Designer. You can create your own badge design by customizing the Badge Size (recommended size: 4x6 inches), Badge Color, and what information of the guests do you want to put there.

Before designing your badge, please ensure that the information data that you want to put on the badge is required in the Registration Form.

After designing your badge, you can do a preview to see how will the badge look like. You can also print the badge in a PDF format as a sample before printing it using Instant Badge Printer.

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