How to Check-in Guest via EventNook Kiosk
Check-in your guest through EventNook Mobile Kiosk Application
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There are two ways to check-in through the EventNook Kiosk App, by Manual (Searcy By Name, Email, Company) or QR Code Scan. You can switch between the two features depending on the need in real-time.

Take a look at a quick video below on how easily the organizers can check-in the guest on arrival.

To learn other events check-in using EventNook - EventNook - Event Smart Check-in & Guest Registration

Here are the simple steps to check-in a guest from EventNook Kiosk App.

  • Choose Admin Control Check-in, and you will enter another page with Manual and QR Scan check-in choices available under the page.

  • If you choose Manual check-in, you will see a list of your registered guests. You can swipe each name to the right and tap on the check symbol for check-in.

  • If you choose Qr Code Scan, you will immediately be directed to your scanner. You will point your camera over the QR Code from your guest's ticket. After scanning, they will be automatically check-in to the system.

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