How to Check-in Guest via EventNook Kiosk

Check-in your guest through EventNook Mobile Kiosk Application

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There are two ways to check-in through the EventNook Kiosk App, by Manual (Searcy By Name, Email, Company) or QR Code Scan. You can switch between the two features depending on the need in real-time.

Take a look at a quick video below on how easily the organizers can check-in the guest on arrival.

To learn other events check-in using EventNook - EventNook - Event Smart Check-in & Guest Registration

Here are the simple steps to check-in a guest from EventNook Kiosk App.

  • Choose Log in with QR Code, and you will enter the main page for the attendance tracking that looks like this:

  • If you click on the Search tab, you will see a list of your registered guests and their registered information will populate if you click on their name. Swipe to the right and tap on the check symbol for check-in.

  • The other option is to check in your attendees via QR Scan, Just position the camera over the QR Code from your guest's ticket. You may enable automatic check -In where your guest will be checked in the moment their QR code is scanned or have it done manually, meaning you can view their details and click on the Check-In option as shown below.

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