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How to Customize Acknowledgement Email
How to Customize Acknowledgement Email

Guide to customize acknowledgement/pending email for your registrants

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The registration acknowledgment email is sent to the attendees when the registration is in pending status due to the offline payment methods (cheque, bank transfer, onsite payment) or due to the manual registration approval setting. This is a short video guide for how to customize Email Templates.

When the registration is in pending status, the following is the step-by-step instruction for how to set up acknowledgment email templates. The default setting of the acknowledgment email will show

  • Attendee Ticket Information

  • Event details

  • Registration / Invoice

However, EventNook allows you to customize the email template and messages that you’d like to send.

  • From the Main Page, go to Manage My Events -> Manage -> Settings.

  • Choose the Email Template under the General Menu. Go to Pending Email and fill in the following details and customize your email document.

    • From Name: Enter your company name/ organization name/ event name here. The attendees will receive the registration acknowledgment email under their custom name.

    • Reply-To Email: Enter your email here. When the attendees reply to the acknowledgment email for any assistance, the replied emails will be sent to that email, which then you can respond back.

    • Custom Email Subject: Customize your email subject here.

  • Click on Add Email Banner to add a Banner Image to the acknowledgment email. Simply click Remove Banner if you do not want to add or change the image.

  • On the right side, you will see the Choose Sections in the email consists of options you can add or remove from the acknowledgment email.

  • You can also add some custom and personalized content. With this feature, you can add Link or Images in the acknowledgment email.

  • To see your work in progress, click on Preview. After everything’s good, click on Save Changes

  • You can try to Send a Test email to check and review how the template looks in the registrant's email. If something needs to be changed, you are free to make changes.

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