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Creating tickets and set pricing
Creating Event Tickets - Paid & Free
Creating Event Tickets - Paid & Free

EventNook allows you to have Paid or Free events, with ticket types can be a combination of both.

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  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Settings

  • Select the Ticket & Fee, click on the Add Ticket button

  • Enter the Ticket Name, Capacity Available, and Price (in your selected currency). You can toggle the Free Ticket option if it was a free ticket.

  • Fill in the Ticket Description with a brief explanation on the ticket types/benefits.

  • You can limit the Quantity Limit per order and Sales Period of the ticket all based on your ticket type and personal reference.

  • There are three status options:

    • Active: if the ticket is on sale

    • Sales Ended: if you want to end the ticket sales.

    • Hidden: the tickets would not appear on the register landing page.

  • After everything is set, click on the Save New Ticket button.

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