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How to Connect with Brother Label QL-820NWB Printer for Onsite Badge Printing
How to Connect with Brother Label QL-820NWB Printer for Onsite Badge Printing

Setting up Brother Label Printer for your badge printing

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EventNook supports different types of printers for onsite badge printing and one of the popular printers is Brother Label Printer (QL-820NWB). This article will give you a step-by-step guide on setting up Brother Label Printer with a Wi-Fi router and EventNook Kiosk Check-in app.

For more reference, we have a video tutorial for the setup:

Or, you can follow step by step from the walkthrough:

  1. Plug the power cable into the Brother printer and turn it on through the power on button on the left. Wait for a few seconds until the desktop appears on the screen.

  2. You can connect the Brother Printer to the internet by cable and WiFi.

    • To set up the cable, plug the cable into the router and the printer. Make sure you hear the click sound to be properly plugged in.

    • Click the menu button and go to WLAN.

    • Make sure the WLAN setting is off and now you are connected.

    • To set up the WiFi connection, go to the menu and choose WLAN. Turn on the WLAN.

    • The setting might take a few seconds. When you see the menu screen again, press OK. Then you can move down a WPS Button, but do not press anything.

    • Pick up your router and press the WPS button on the top right corner of the device until a WPS shows on the screen.

    • Press OK twice on the printer, and the router will start to connect. This process will take 30 seconds until the router shows ✓ that it is ready on its screen.

    • If the printer screen show 'Connected!' it means it is ready. To check on the connection, click the back⤶ button twice to go back to the Main Menu. You are connected if you see a WiFi sign on the top right corner.

  3. Now to load the paper roll onto the Brother Printer.

    • Find the side with Punched Holes and face it downwards. Then place the paper roll into the printer with Punched Holes side of the roll facing the right side of the printer.

    • Roll the paper until the paper comes out slightly on the opening of the printer. Make sure the edge aligns with the printer. Once you close the shell, the printer will automatically calibrate the roll.

  4. Connecting your Ipad to the Printer's WiFi Network, and you all are set.

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