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How to Connect your Stripe account with EventNook
How to Connect your Stripe account with EventNook

Accepting payment on EventNook with Stripe and learn how to connect your stripe account with EventNook.

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This article will explain how to connect your Stripe account with EventNook to accept online payments for your event tickets.

Step 1 - Open a new account with Stripe.

If you are new to Stripe and do not have a Stripe account yet, you need to open a merchant account with Stripe. You can register a new merchant account online at in a few minutes, and your account will be ready to accept payment immediately upon successful registration for the new account.

Step 2 - Link your Stripe account on EventNook.

After you have a Stripe active account ready, you can connect your Stripe account on EventNook under the currency and payment setting of an event that you need to accept payment.

Here is a quick video of how you can connect your Stripe account with EventNook

Please refer to the steps below:

  • Go to My Events ›› Manage ›› Settings. Under the Essential Setup menu

  • Go to Currency & Payment, and there will be a section for Stripe under the Online Payment Methods.

Toggle the “YES, accept pay by Stripe” and click on Connect with Stripe to connect with your Stripe account. You can read further details at

You will be redirected to Stripe to authorize

A Get Started with Stripe page will appear, as shown below. Key in your stripe account email that you’ve signed up with and click Next.

On the Stripe page, you will be asked to open a new account or log in to your existing account. If you haven't created a Stripe account, you can immediately open a new one when connecting Stripe with eventnook.

A log-in page will appear. You can just type your account password and click login.

After the successful login on Stripe, Stripe will show your existing account to select. Select the Stripe account you want to connect to if you have multiple accounts. Click Connect

Then, you will be redirected back to the EventNook admin page and see that your account is successfully connected.

When you return to Payment Methods, you will see that your Stripe account is successfully connected and ready to accept the payment. All your ticket sales transactions will come into this Stripe account and will be reflected on your account.

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