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Check-list Onsite Badge Printing Setup

Learn some important tips to run the onsite registration smoothly

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In this article, we will be sharing some of the simple common mistakes that can be avoided and run the registration smoothly.

1) Avoid Wi-Fi Hiccups during the busy registration time

  1. Have a dedicated Wi-Fi router just for event registration use.

  2. Have a standby separate Wi-Fi router as a backup in case the primary one goes down.

  3. Do not allow personal devices to connect to the Wi-Fi dedicated for registration. Personal devices can consume a huge bandwidth as they can download software updates, and synchronization of personal photos and videos to the cloud such as iCloud, Dropbox, etc. as soon as they connect to Wi-Fi.

  4. Ensure the Wi-Fi power connector or cable is not loosely connected to avoid accidental power turn-off.

  5. If printers can connect to the router via ethernet cable, we recommend connecting to the Wi-Fi network via ethernet cable to have a stable connection between the printer and the Wi-Fi router during the registration. If there are lots of Wi-Fi hotspots, the connection via cable will never have an issue with signal noise interruption.

  6. Some Wi-Fi routers or devices may have a sleep mode to save the battery after a certain inactive period. You may want to turn that off as well to be active all the time during the busy registration hours.

  7. Test Test Test - speed and connectivity! You can go to Google and type "speed test" to assess the download and upload data speed.

  8. Place any liquids away from the equipment and registration setup. This is to avoid spills on any of the devices which could potentially disrupt the registration process.

2) Tape Down Loose Power Cables

After the registration set up, cover up all the power cables on the floor nicely with duct tape. It will be a nightmare during the busy registration time if all the power goes down because someone accidentally kicks the cable.

3) Check Badge Papers and Ink Cartridges / Ribbons

It's always a hassle to refill the ink cartridge or paper during busy hours and it can get the delegates frustrated if they have to wait long. Ensure (printing consumables) are sufficiently loaded in the printers before the registration starts.

4) Printing Consumables on Standby for Refills

Printing consumables such as badge paper, ink cartridges, and lanyards are always ready at the registration counters for a refill when the paper or ink runs out.

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