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Onsite Registration Briefing Guide and Best Practices
Onsite Registration Briefing Guide and Best Practices

How to manage onsite event registrations like a pro using EventNook Check-In Kiosk.

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Welcome to the briefing guide for registration staff and key onsite registration managers. This guide is designed to give you an essential checklist on the check-in procedures at your event and help you manage the registration counter effectively. Following the guidelines outlined in this briefing will ensure a seamless and efficient registration process for everyone. Let's begin by exploring the various check-in methods and manual search tips.

Essential Briefing To Registration Staff

1) How to Check-in using EventNook Check-in Kiosk

  • Check-in method (QR Scan / Manual Search)

  • Manual Search Tips

    • by Name search - using first or last name (e.g. Elon Musk - can be searched with Elon or Musk)

    • via Company search

    • via Email search

    • via Attendee category (e.g. Speakers, VIP, Media, etc.)

  • QR Scan (front and back camera)

2) Handling Walk-In Guest Registration on Event Day

  • Handling Walk-in Registration (3 different methods)

    • In-app Register

    • Backend Admin Register

    • QR code - Registration Link

3) Handling Registration Edits

In these situations, please verify whether approval from event organizers is required before proceeding with any edits.

  • How to Substitute a Guest

  • Correcting Misspellings in Names or Company Names

4) Best Practices with the Check-In Procedure

  • Share Best Practices with the check-in procedure

    • Position iPads at a 45° angle for QR Scanning

    • How to tear the paper safely and confidently

    • Assign ushers or have signages leading up to the registration counter to have attendees prepare the QR codes in advance.

  • Share how to view the Check-In Dashboard to view the live check-in status

5) Multi-Session Check-in Required (Optional)

If your event requires multi-session attendance tracking, please read the points below:

  • Show how to check-in multi-session to the staff who will be responsible for scanning the guests at different sessions.

  • Attention:

    • Staff responsible for check-in scanning are advised to be at the check-in area or the door 10 minutes before the session starts.

    • Ensure that the scanning devices (iPads) are readily connected to a stable and dedicated internet connection (if using Wi-Fi). To prevent these devices from switching between Wi-Fi networks (Wi-Fi hopping), make sure to disconnect from previously used Wi-Fi connections.

    • Determine if there is a cut-off time for multi-session scanning or if staff is to remain at the door throughout the entire duration.

6) Lead Retrieval Support Required (Optional)

  • Prepared with the exhibitor login name/password

  • Ensure the device for exhibitor lead scanning is connected to the assigned Wi-Fi

  • Some exhibitors may require assistance on how to use the lead retrieval app

  • Downloading of lead retrieval report

7) Some Key Areas To Ask Organizers

  1. Registration Counter Responsibility:

    • Determine who will be responsible for managing the registration counter for all registration matters, including walk-ins, substitutions, and other related tasks.

    • Determine who will be technical support for troubleshooting, reloading of badge paper or ribbons, Wi-Fi connection issues, etc.

    • Determine who will be doing registration/ check-in

    • Determine who will be doing ushering - ask guests to prepare QR codes, direct them to the next available registration counters, etc.

  2. Dedicated Counter for Walk-in Registration and VIP/Media:

    • Check if there will be a dedicated counter specifically for walk-in registrations and a separate counter for VIPs and media attendees.

  3. Walk-in Registration Procedure:

    • Inquire about the planned method for allowing walk-in registrations and determine the most suitable approach.

    • Confirm the laptops or devices used for walk-in registration and ensure they are prepared accordingly.

  4. Lanyard Color and Delegate Categories:

    • Specify the designated lanyard colors for different delegate categories to ensure a swift and distinct identification of guests.

  5. Check-in and Attendance Accuracy:

    • Verify whether precise check-in and attendance tracking are necessary for issuing certificates of attendance, CPD points, or any other purposes. If required ensure that all attendees are checked in to maintain accurate attendance records.

  6. Name Search and Business Cards:

    • Determine if attendees without a QR code will be permitted to check in through a name search and whether presenting a business card is an acceptable alternative.

  7. On-Behalf Collection of Badges:

    • Decide whether on-behalf collection of badges will be permitted and establish any necessary procedures or requirements.

  8. Table Number and Dietary Information:

    • Define the procedure for informing table numbers to attendees, dietary preferences, or restrictions.

    • What's the procedure for dietary preference?

  9. Re-printing of Badges:

    • Determine if there will be any fees associated with re-printing badges and establish the necessary process or verification for badge reprints.

  10. Car Parking Coupons:

    • Check if there are any specific rules or guidelines regarding the distribution of car parking coupons and to whom they should be given.

  11. Additional FAQs:

    • Inquire if there are any other frequently asked questions or concerns that need to be addressed during the registration process.

By considering these points and addressing them in your briefing, you will help ensure an organized and efficient registration process.

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