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Custom Badge Design Guidelines
Custom Badge Design Guidelines
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Our Zebra printer is versatile and capable of printing badges on both cards and sticker labels. Zebra printer is capable of single-sided printing only. This means that text will be printed exclusively on the front of the badge using a black ribbon.

Creating a Custom Badge Design with EventNook

  • To start, select a badge size, for example, 4"x6" (full list below). Design your artwork in high-resolution pixels, resembling a postcard or business card.

  • You may layout the placement where the delegate's information such as Name, Company Name, Delegate Category, and Table Number, are to be printed.

  • Ensure that your artwork allows sufficient white/blank space to accommodate this printed information. More information to print, more blank space.

  • Submit your artwork in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file format with the original vector file and bleeding, to ensure high-resolution printing quality.

  • (Optional) If you prefer a badge with rounded edges and a lanyard hole, the artwork file need not include these features. However, you may include them for mock-up purposes, and the printing vendor will incorporate them during the final printing process.

Take a look at the sample badge designs to have some ideas of how your badge can be designed:


What badge sizes should we go with for Zebra printers?

For the badge with lanyards, the available sizes are:

  • 4x6 inches

  • 4x5 inches

  • 4x3 inches

  • 4x4 inches

  • 3.5x5.5 inches (recommended)

  • 3.5x5 inches

For sticker badges or sticker labels, the available sizes are:

  • 4x3 inches

  • 4x2.5 inches(recommended)

Single Sided or Double Sided Badge Designs

The pre-printed badge artwork can be single-sided (front, 4C/0C) or double-sided (front & back, 4C/4C).

For sticker labels or badges, the artwork will only be single-sided.

Extra Features of Pre-Printed Badges

  • Badge corners: Rounded or Sharp Edges

  • Lanyard holes: 1 centre hole, 2 side holes (centre hole for sensing)

  • Materials:
    - tear resistance card (recyclable polyester or art card)
    - paper or satin fabric (sticker labels)

Preferred Artwork File Type (AI file)

We recommend designing artwork in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) for high-quality printing. Provide the artwork in .ai file format with the original vector file, and bleeding for quality printing.

Multiple Badge Designs

It's common for events to feature multiple guest categories, and often you’ll want this information displayed on the badge. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  1. Single Badge Design: Guest categories can be printed at the bottom of a single badge design.

  2. Multiple Badge Designs: Each guest category can have its own pre-printed badge design. However, this option is more costly since each design must meet the minimum badge order quantity for production.

For more details on badge pricing, please contact us at

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