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Printing a Custom Badge Design Art-card for Printing with Zebra Printer
Printing a Custom Badge Design Art-card for Printing with Zebra Printer
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Here is a quick guide if you want to design artwork for a custom badge design.

Take a look at the sample badge designs to have some ideas of how your badge can be designed:

Preparing a Custom Badge Design with EventNook

  • First off, Choose a Badge Size: (E.g., 4x6 inch)

    • Design artwork with a size ratio of 4 by 6 dimensions in high-resolution pixels (if the badge size is 4x6 inches). It's like designing a postcard or a business card with a specific card dimension.

    • You can mock up where you want to place the delegate's information, such as Name, Company, Delegate Category, etc.

  • Provide artwork in adobe illustrator (ai) file format for high-resolution printing quality.

  • (Optional) If you want a rounded edge design badge and lanyard hole, the artwork file will not require rounded corners and Lanyard holes (but feel free to add them for mock-up purposes), and the printing vendor will include them in the final printing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What badge sizes should we go with?

For the badge with lanyards, we recommend the following standard sizes that are frequently used.

  • (Most Popular) 4x6 inch (w: 4in x h: 6in)

  • 4x5 inch

  • 4x3 inch

  • 4x4 inch

  • 3.5x5 inch

The 4x6 inch is great for having more space for branding and printing delegate information.

Single Size or Double Sided design

The badge can be single-sided (front) or double-sided (front & back).

Extra Features of Pre-Printed Badge

  • It can be either a rounded edge or a sharp edge (default).

  • It can have a lanyard hole for hooking a lanyard clip

  • Its material can be a tear-resistant material

Preferred Artwork File Type (AI file)

We recommend designing artwork in Adobe Illustrator (ai) for high-quality printing. Provide the artwork in ai file format with the original vector file for quality printing.

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