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Onsite Registration Management - Check-list
Onsite Registration Management - Check-list
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To avoid any possible minor hiccups or glitches during the peak registration window, we recommend the following checklist to run the registration smoothly.

Onsite Checklist

1. Wi-Fi

  • Speed Test

  • Enable Antenna For Strong Signal (if required)

2. Printer

  • Check Ribbon roll (Replace with the new one if it’s not enough to last during the peak hour)

3. Wi-Fi hiccups issues (iPad / Mac)

  • Turn off - iPad / Mac Auto Software and App Download Updates

  • Turn off - iPad - iCloud sync (such as Photo, Backup, etc)

  • Wi-Fi switching issue (For both iPad & Mac)

    • Enable Auto Join (Registration Wi-Fi)

    • Forget all other Wi-Fi (to avoid switching)

  • Disconnect All personal devices’ connection to the Registration Wi-Fi

4. Avoid Devices Sleeping (during peak-hour registration)

  • Change iPad - Auto-Lock in iPad to 15 minutes or None

  • Change Mac - Auto Sleep (under Battery setting) to 3 hours or None (for full-day event)

5. House Keeping

  • Black tape wires on the floor to avoid breaking

  • Black tape loose power socket

  • Clean iPad Screen with soft tissue

  • Keep essential refills (printing consumables), chargers, black tapes, etc., in an essential bag

  • Charge all devices (if required)

6. After Event - Security

  • Log out all sessions - EventNook App and Websites

  • Delete all downloaded registration files in the Download folder

  • Close all tabs in the browser

  • Clear the browser history and cookies

7. Restore Sleeping for Battery Life

  • Change iPad - Auto-Lock in iPad to 2 minutes

  • Change Mac - Auto Sleep (under Battery setting) to 10 minutes

8. Equipment Packing Safely

  • Put the iPad with the iPad cover

  • Put the Laptop with the Laptop cover

  • Wrap the printer with bubble wrap

  • Avoid Crash - heavy-weight pressing on thin devices such as Macbook Air and iPad

  • Avoid Crash - Putting Macbook Air and iPad inside a luggage with other heavy items

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