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Understanding Why Some Event Attendees Haven't Received Confirmation Emails
Understanding Why Some Event Attendees Haven't Received Confirmation Emails
Written by Mukminah Omar (EventNook)
Updated over a week ago

Emailing, while appearing straightforward to users, actually involves a complex underlying workflow, especially when dispatching bulk emails with a single click. Standard email clients like Gmail and Outlook are not designed for the high volume of emails typically generated by businesses.

Consequently, you might receive reports from event attendees that they haven't received confirmation emails. To verify the status of these emails, you can access the Confirmation Email Activity Log Report through the provided link. This tool enables you to search for emails based on their status or address. Additionally, you can download the report using the "Export List" button.

The following explains what each email status indicates:

  • Processed: This indicates the email is in a preparatory phase for sending. Generally, emails remain in this status for a short period, typically a few seconds. It signifies that the email job has been initiated, and the email is queued for delivery.

  • Delivered: This status confirms that the email has been successfully sent and received by the recipient's email client.

  • Deferred: In this case, our email server has sent the email, but the recipient's server has delayed its delivery. This often occurs when the recipient's server receives a large volume of emails in a brief span, leading to suspicion of potential spam.

  • Bounced: This happens when the recipient's server rejects the email. Common reasons include a full inbox, an invalid email address, or the email account being inactive. In such scenarios, requesting an alternative email address from the recipient or advising them to free up inbox space is advisable.

  • Dropped: This status means the email has been halted on our end for various reasons, such as the recipient previously marking the email as spam, unsubscribing, or their email having bounced before. In these cases, it's recommended to ask the recipient for a different email address to resend the confirmation email.

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