To create the ticket types, refer to the steps below:

  • Go to My Event>>Edit Event>>Setup>>Essential Setup>> Ticket & Fee.

  • Enter the Ticket Name, Quantity Available, and Price (in your selected currency)

Ticket Name: The name of your event tickets, such as General Admission, VIP, etc.

Quantity Allocated: The number of available tickets for your event.

Price: The price you set to sell to your customers. If your event ticket is free, please switch on the "Free Ticket" button.

(Note: You can change the currency of ticket price under Currency and Payment setting)

  • Click More Options to customize your ticket type

Ticket Description: A description for more details of the ticket type. By default, it would be hidden under "show details." To get expanded, check the "Show ticket description as an auto-expanded display" box below.

Start / End Sales Date/Time: The duration of ticket sales based on events nature.

Tickets allowed per order: The range of quantity customers are allowed to choose per order. This feature might help create a group ticket (4 tickets minimum) or a single ticket (1 ticket maximum).

Status: There are three status options:

i. Select Active if the ticket is on sale

ii. Select Sales Ended if you want to end the ticket sales.

iii. Select Hidden so that tickets would not appear on the register landing page.

  • Then, click Create Ticket to get completed.

  • Click Add Ticket Type to create multiple ticket types.

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