EventNook allows you to set up a customized registration form with custom questions and fields based on the information required to collect from the attendees. It's quite flexible, easy, and simple to create a registration form field within a few clicks.

Firstly, to create the customized registration form,

  • Go to My Events>>Edit Event>> Setup>> Essential Setup>> Registration Form

And you will see the following fields and can start customization.

Default Registration Form Field

  • The registration form field of First Name, Last Name, and Email would be set in default by the system.

Add Standard Form Field

  • Click the checkbox under Standard Form Field to easily and quickly add custom commonly asked questions such as Company Name, Job Title, Date of Birth, Mobile Phone, etc., can be easily and quickly added from Standard Form Field.

Edit the registration form field

  • Click the Edit button of each registration form field, and the following are further details of navigation under Edit.

Label Name: The field name like Name, Email, Mobile Number, etc.

Help Text: An instruction or further explanation of that field and will appear under the registration field text box (e.g., you might want to specify some requirements for this field here or address some concerns this field might bring to the attendees.)

Required: Check this box if you want this field to be compulsory.

Hide this field: The field will be hidden from the registration form, but it can be useful for internal reporting purposes.

Field Type: The setting allows you to change the type of fields quickly. For example, when you realize this field needs longer text than a single line text, you can choose "Paragraph Text" in this dropdown menu to switch quickly.

Default Value: Default values can be filled up in the registration form to get completed faster for attendees. For example, suppose most of the attendees coming to the event are from a particular company. In that case, the "Company" field can be set with that specific company name as a default value so that attendees don't need to input their company's name each time manually.

Terms and Conditions

EventNook allows you to set up your customs and conditions of your event. It will enable you to specify your terms, such as event cancellation & refund policy, data policy, etc. if required.

The Terms and Conditions are set under the Registration Form section. The following are the details to add the terms and conditions,

  • Turn on the button beside Yes, additional terms and conditions in the registration form of the event.

  • Customize the name of the terms or policy to be added.

  • Add terms and conditions text in the text box

  • You can also customize the I Agree text in the box.

  • Click Save Changes to save all the setups.

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