If the event organizer does not want to manage the attendees’ check-in by scanning the QR code or if the attendee does not bring the QR code on the event day, the web check-in tool is the solution to simplify the attendee’s check-in process on arrival and track event attendance.

Please refer to the following steps to do web check-in.

  • Go to My Events>>Edit Event>> Check-in.

  • Here, the Check-in Status shows you how many attendees check-in to your event from the confirmed registration and pending registration list.

  • Click Web Check-in to proceed with manual check-in.

  • You can simply search the registered attendees by entering their name, email, order no. or ticket code.

  • Click Search, and the registered attendee will appear as the list below.

  • Click Check-in, and this attendee is check-in to the event.

  • You can click Undo if you accidentally make check-in to the wrong attendee.

  • In View All, you can check the overall list of the attendees' registration status and details and make check-in to the event.

  • You can uncheck the Include Pending box if you do not want to search the pending registration attendees to check-in.

  • In Check-in Status, you can check the overview of the number of check-in attendees, absent attendees (who do not attend the event), and the registered attendees.

  • After check-in, you can easily see the number of check-in attendees in the Check-in Status.

  • In Export to excel, you can export and download the real-time data of your event's check-in attendees as an excel file.

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