Pages are the additional tabs on your event website that contain detailed information about your event. On these page(s), you can include further details of your event, which can be put on a separate section from the event landing page. These pages could include the agenda, speaker's background, etc.

Here are the steps to add pages to your event.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Settings.

  • Go to Site Content -> Add Page. Click on Create Page or Create a Page to add the page.

  • Start editing your page by inserting the Page Title, Page Unique Name (for the URL Link), and Content. You can also insert pictures and videos for your pages, just like in Editing Event Details.

  • After everything is finished, click on Save Changes to save your page. Click Back and see the results by clicking the View Page button.
    The new page will appear next to the Home page on top of your event website.

  • You can either Edit or Delete your event pages anytime you’d like!

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