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Set Up Your Event Registration Site in Just 5 Minutes
Set Up Your Event Registration Site in Just 5 Minutes

This guide is suitable for first-time users of EventNook, complete the Event Information page within 5 (five) minutes.

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This is a quick video guide for creating an event registration site.

Here is how you can start creating a microsite (landing page) for your event.

Then, fill up the following information.

  1. Basic Information

    1. Event Title: Enter the title of your event.

      This will be the first impression of your event, so make it clear, simple, and memorable.

    2. Event Unique Url: This will be the URL of your event.

      This link will can be shared via emails and social media for public access, serving both as a promotional tool and a means to facilitate registrations for your event.

    3. Start/End Date and Time: Set your event duration here.

      This will be the starting and completion date and time of your event. Make sure you pay attention to the time whether it’s on AM or PM

    4. Time Zone: Choose the time zone in which your event will occurs.

      Choose which one works best for the attendees and you. This time zone setting will be used for other time-related settings as well.

  2. Venue & Address

    1. Venue Name: Enter your event venue

      The location of your event could be a convention center, hotel, or any other relevant venues.

    2. Country: Select the country where your event is taking place.
      Ensure that this matches the time zone of the country you've chose.

    3. Address: Write down the detailed address of your event here.

      We’d recommend searching the address first in Google Maps, this will affect the Map results if you would choose to show the map on the main landing page.

    4. City, Zip Code, State/Province/Region: Fill it in concisely.

      The information can also be found on Google Maps.


      1. To hide the address of your event, disable "Show Venue & Address."

      2. To hide the map of your event, disable "Show Map."

  3. Event Details

    The core content of your website will include:

    • A detailed description of your event.

    • Reasons why attendees should participate in your event.

    • Information on the event's date and location.

    • Supplementary details for those registering.

    For guidance on incorporating images, videos and other elements to your event microsite, refer to our article on editing event details.

  • Click "Create Event" to save all the setups.

  • Additionally, click on the Site Content to set a banner for your event.

  • When you are prepared to publish your event microsite, simply click on the "Make Event Live" button. Your site will then be active and ready to accept registrations.

  • Your ticket types and registration form come with a default configuration, but you have the flexibility to modify these settings as you see fit.


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