When a registrant requests to cancel the order or cannot attend the event, EventNook allows the event organizer to help to cancel that order from the backend system.

To cancel the order, here is the detailed instruction:

  • Go to My Events >> View Orders.

  • Search the order you want to cancel by searching their emails or names on the top of the page.

  • Click on Action and in the dropdown menu,

  • Click on Mark as cancel.

On the next page, a cancel page will appear and you can follow the steps -

  • Note to the Ticket Buyer: You can add a message to the buyer (you can view the Buyer's Information below)

  • Internal Note: You can add a message for internal reference (such as the reason for cancellation)

  • Add CC Email: You can CC the cancellation email to up to three emails. The event owner's email is by default, and you can include the other emails that you might want to give notice of the cancellation.

  • Click on Yes, Proceed to cancel to complete the cancellation and the cancellation email will be sent to the buyer.

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