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How to allow Self-Edit and Self-Cancellation of registrations
How to allow Self-Edit and Self-Cancellation of registrations

An easier way to edit/cancel the registration

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EventNook offers a feature that allows attendees to edit or cancel their orders post-registration submission. This functionality facilitates attendees in making updates to their registration details at a later stage, such as modifying their arrival date and time or uploading necessary documents. To activate this feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Manage My Events -> Manage -> Setting

  2. Proceed to Registration Setting -> My Order Setting

  3. Enable the Self-Edit and/or Self-Cancellation options by toggling the respective buttons, and then save your changes.

    To verify the effectiveness of this feature, we recommend visiting your event's Site URL to complete a test registration. After registering, try editing or canceling it to confirm that the feature is working as intended.

If the Allow Self-Edit Registration / Self Cancellation options are enabled, the registrant can

1) access "Edit Registration"

2) access "Cancel Registration"

in the View Registration link after the registration. The View Registration link will be sent in the confirmation email and is also visible on the registration Thank you page.

Here are links you can incorporate into your email content. Please be aware that these links will become functional only once you have activated the Self Edit or Self Cancellation features in the registration settings.

View Registration Link{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{order.uid}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}

Edit Registration Link{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{order.uid}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}

Cancel Registration Link{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}
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