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Adding the Self-Edit Registration URL to the Confirmation Email
Adding the Self-Edit Registration URL to the Confirmation Email

How to add the Self-Edit hyperlink to an email for easy access

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EventNook offers a Self-Edit Registration feature, enabling registrants to modify their details post-event.

To include the Self-Edit Registration link in the confirmation email, please follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Self-Edit Registration link to be inserted into the confirmation email template:{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{order.uid}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}

  2. Navigate to the confirmation email template located under Settings >> Email Template, as illustrated below.

  3. Insert the hyperlink at an appropriate spot within the email content, as demonstrated below.

  4. Ensure to click 'Save' to apply your changes. The image below illustrates the functioning of the hyperlink.

Upon clicking on the hyperlink in the email, attendees will be directed to the registration page, where they can update their registration details.

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