When the event date is over, the registration of the event will be automatically closed by default. If you want to end the registration earlier, EventNook allows you to close the registration in a short time or on a specific date. This article will help you understand the following topics.

  1. How to end the registration in a short time

  2. How to set up the registration close date and time

End the registration in a short time

It is straightforward to close the registration of all ticket sales of your event and here are the instructions below.

  • Go to My Events>>Edit Event.

  • Click the Live button's dropdown menu on the top right of your page.

  • Click End Registration

  • Click OK to proceed.

  • Enter your event site URL link, and your ticket registration will be closed on your event page.

Setting up the Registration Close Date & Time

On the other hand, you can end registration by setting the specific registration close date and time before the event end date.

Please refer to the following steps to set the registration closed date.

  • Go to My Events>> Edit Event>> Setup>> Other Settings>> General Settings

  • Enter Registration Close Date and Time in the field mentioned above.

  • Click Save Changes, and your event registration will be automatically closed at your selected specific date and time.

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