Tagging Attendee with Labels

You can tag attendees as VIP, Group names or simply table number that they are allocated to.

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What's Tagging and How Tagging Is Useful

The tagging field is a simple way to label and identify guests based on different criteria. This information can include their seating assignment, event status (such as VIP, Speaker, or Sponsor), or any other relevant category. By assigning tags to guests, the EventNook Kiosk App can display this information during check-in, helping event staff to provide appropriate attention and service to each guest.

To use the tags, simply add the corresponding tag whenever a VIP guest arrives. This will quickly update the summary information, giving you insight into how many VIP guests have arrived. Similarly, if you assign a Table Number in the tagging field, it will provide a summary of the guest's arrival by Table Number. Additionally, tags can be used to sort and filter the guest list data, allowing for further customization.

Please take a look at the highlighted blue label in the screenshot below of the EventNook Kiosk Check-in app.

Getting Started

To use the Tagging feature, First, you need to enable the Tagging field in the Registration Form of the event.

  • Go to Setting > Registration Form

  • Enable Tagging field

Generally, the Tagging field is set as a hidden field because the registration doesn't have to fill up tagging and it's rather updated by the event organizer.

Please see the screenshot below on how to enable the [Tagging] field.

How to Update Tagging information of the guests

If you are updating the tagging information of the registered guests, there are two options.

  • Option 1 -> Update Tagging individually with the normal Attendee Edit feature

  • Option 2 -> Bulk Edit

Option 1 - Update Tagging Individually

To Update Tagging info, Log in to your Eventnook Onsite Platform

  • Go to Manage > Attendees

  • Search for an Attendee that you are editing

  • Click on View > Edit

Option 2 - Bulk Edit

To bulk tag attendees: Login to your Eventnook Onsite Platform

  • Go to Manage >> Bulk Edit

  • Select a Tagging Field as shown in the screenshot below

  • Click on Next to pull up the list of attendees.

  • You can further refine your search by keying in specific company names or email domains to pull up a specific group of attendees.

Make sure to fill in the tags. You can copy and paste them from an Excel spreadsheet by enabling the textbox icon.

In summary, tagging can be a useful way to check summary information regarding VIP guests who have arrived. By creating tags for each VIP guest and assigning them to records, you will quickly have clarity into how many VIP guests have arrived and can access filtered guest list data accordingly.

The tagging field can also be used in other areas such as

  • printing the tagging information on the badge or name tag to quickly identify the information

  • adding the tagging information as a mail-merged field in the email template, and analyzing guests' data as a group. For example, you can quickly check how many VIP guests have already shown up by looking at the summary information.

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