You can access the registered list of attendees through the Attendees Report, located in the Report link of the Manage page. It is a condensed list of all registered attendees' information written in the registration form.

Under the attendees' report, you can search and view the details of attendees and check-in status such as check-in time. You can also export or download the attendees' data by simply clicking the Export button as shown in the screenshot below.

To access the report, here are the steps:

  • Login to [] and Go to My Events

  • Select an event under My Events

  • Under the selected event, Go to Manage ›› Report ›› Attendees

When you have a large number of registered attendees, you can also filter the list by Orders, Tickets, Check-in Status, and Order Date.

  • Navigate through the list by choosing which information you want to see through the 'Show Columns' list. Any column unticked will be hidden from the list for efficient navigation.

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