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Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Scan
Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Scan
Written by Mukminah Omar (EventNook)
Updated over a week ago

In the bustling world of trade shows and exhibitions, the art of networking and lead generation has undergone a technological revolution. Gone are the days of manually collecting business cards or jotting down notes on paper. Today, exhibitor lead scanning has emerged as a game-changer, streamlining the process of capturing and managing potential leads.

EventNook Exhibitor Lead Scan is a technology that allows exhibitors at trade shows, conferences, and other events to quickly and efficiently capture information about potential leads using electronic devices. The technology typically works by scanning a QR code or barcode on the attendee's badge using an iPad (any iOS devices), instantly capturing their contact information and other relevant data.

  1. Preparation: Before the event, organizers will create a lead retrieval account for each exhibitor on our EventNook Onsite Platform. Account details will be emailed to the exhibitors, enabling them to log in to our EventNook Lead Scan App.

  2. Scanning at the Event: During the event, when an attendee visits a booth, the exhibitor scans their badge using the provided iPads. This action instantly captures the attendee's information, storing it in the exhibitor's lead database. Additionally, exhibitors can add personalized notes for each lead.

  3. Data Management: Exhibitors can download the collected data via the link sent with the same login credentials. This data is essential for further actions such as lead qualification, segmentation, and follow-up.

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