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Contact Management App Guide
Contact Management App Guide
Written by Mukminah Omar (EventNook)
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to our Contact Management Platform, a robust and secure EDM solution which is designed to streamline your event invitations and registration process. Here’s how our platform enhances your event management experience:

Key Features

Enhanced Targeting

  • Group Targeting: Send emails to the entire user base, specific groups, or only those who have yet to register.

  • Locked Form Fields: Ensure only the addressed invitee can sign up, minimizing unnecessary reminder emails and increasing sign-up rates.

Efficient Email Management

  • Event-Specific EDMs: Select events for which EDMs are to be sent.

  • Layered Registration Emails: Craft multiple layers of registration emails for better engagement and response. This strategy involves sending reminder invitation emails exclusively to attendees who haven't registered yet, avoiding unnecessary emails to those who have already registered.

How It Works

  1. Create Contact Groups: Organize your contacts into groups for targeted communication.

  2. Select Events: Choose the events for which you want to send out EDMs.

  3. Compose Emails: Craft out your emails for individual events, and send them out to different groups of invitees, at different times.

Additional Services

Our Contact Management App is an add-on feature to our EventNook Registration Platform. For more details, please contact us at

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