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Adding Approved and Denied Email Domains
Adding Approved and Denied Email Domains

How to limit approved and denied domain list for your event registration

Written by Mukminah Omar (EventNook)
Updated over a week ago

To filter out unauthorized registrations, users can now add a list of approved or denied email domains in the registration form.

When you restrict registration access by domain(s), only those with an email on an approved domain will be able to complete their registration form and receive the confirmation email. If attendees on an unapproved/denied domain try to register, they will see an error "Please check the highlighted field(s) to correct and submit again. Fields marked with an * are mandatory." and an "Invalid email" error on the email field.

For instance, if you want to allow only a specific email domain to register for the event, you can add them to the list of allowed emails such as or

Alternatively, if you want to only accept corporate email domains to register for the event, you can add non-work emails to the Deny Domain list e.g.,, or

To set up this, when you are in the event setting

  • Go to the Registration Form >> Email field

  • click Edit of an email field and enter either approved or deny domain list.

Here is an example of how to set up the allowed and denied domain list

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