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Deleting an Event

Permanently erasing your event and your event data.

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When you choose to delete an event, it results in the permanent removal of all associated data, and the event will no longer appear in your 'My Events' list. To safeguard your information, you might want to consider

1) cloning the event as a backup, which saves the event microsite settings to be used for a similar, future event, or

2) opting to deactivate* it instead, which closes the registration link yet still allows you to access the list of registered attendees post-event.

*It is important to note that the functions for deleting and deactivating are distinctively different.

For further guidance, please refer to the following resources:

  • How to deactivate an event here.

  • How to clone an event here.

Please note that the event deletion function is not accessible via the Event Organizer Admin site. However, our EventNook team is available to assist with this process. Should you wish to proceed with event deletion, please contact your account manager directly or reach out to us at

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