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Creating a Multi-Session Breakout Track
Creating a Multi-Session Breakout Track
Written by Mukminah Omar (EventNook)
Updated over a week ago

Our Multi-Session add-on feature is designed to enhance the event-organizing experience by enabling attendance taking across various breakout sessions or tracks. This functionality is implemented by scanning attendees' QR codes upon their entry into the designated multi-session areas.

To initiate a multi-session, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the EventNook Onsite module at EventNook Onsite Login.

  2. Navigate to 'My Events' and then to 'Settings'.

  3. Select 'Multi Session' and click on '+ Create a Session'.

  4. Enter the necessary details including Session ID, Session Name, and Session Status.

  5. Specify the ticket types that are permissible for each session.

Additional filter feature:

This additional feature lets you filter attendees for each session using details from your registration form, like Company Name, Attendee Category, or Breakout Session.

For instance, in an event that features both local and international delegates registered for various breakout tracks (such as Session A to C), you have the option to configure your multi-session settings to exclusively permit Local Delegates to participate in Breakout Session A.
Ticket type: Local Delegates
Additional filter: Breakout Session A

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