This guide covers how to complete the Event Information page of the setup process within 5 minutes. This article is suitable for first-time users of EventNook.

To start creating a new event,

  • Go to Log-in ›› Create an Event

Then you can start filling up the following information.

1.Basic Information

Event Title: Enter the title of your event here.

Event Unique Url: This will be the URL of your event that can be shared on social media to promote and accept your event's registration.

Start/End Date and Time: Set your event duration here.

Time Zone: Set the time zone in which your event will happen or works best for you and the attendees. This time zone setting will be used for other time-related settings as well.

2. Location / Venue

Location/ Venue Name: Put your event location/venue name in, then select the accurate location name from the suggestions.

Address, Country: Google will help you with the Address and Country. If there are no matching results from the suggestions, you can put in the address and country yourself.

The exact address will appear on your event page by default.

  • To appear the exact location with Google Map, check "Show Google Map".

  • To hide the address of the event venue, you can check on "Hide Address".

3. Event Details

This is the main content of your site; write about what this event is, why people should attend, etc. You can also add images or videos. To find out more about adding images, videos, and other features - read the article on editing event details.

4. Organizer's Contact

Contact Details: Enter your contact information in the box. This information will appear on the right bar of your event page.

Facebook Page URL: If you have a Facebook page, enter it here. A box will appear on the right bar of the event registration site; people can see your Facebook updates and like your Facebook page.

Hide social media share buttons on the event page: Check this to hide Facebook Page on your event registration site.

  • Click "Create" to save all the setups

  • Click Setup Checklist to check the essential settings. If the essential setting looks good, your event is good to go live.

  • Simply hit the Make Event Live button on the top right corner of the page.

Now, your event page is live. The default setting of ticket type and registration form has been set and you are ready to accept the registration.

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