This function is useful when the event owner wants to register on behalf of VIP attendees or walk-in attendees who do not have registration prior to your event.

Below are the detailed guidelines for you.

  • Go to My Events>> Manage Events>> Manage>> Add Order.


  • Choose the ticket type and quantity and ticket amount that the attendee wants to register.

You can choose

  • Choose the payment type regarding the attendee’s preferred payment option, whether it is a free or paid ticket. For the paid ticket, this option is for attendees paying with offline options (cheque, bank transfer, onsite payment).

  • Then, click Continue.

  • On the next page, you will reach the event registration site and fill up the attendee’s details.

  • If a paid ticket, you can accept the payment regarding the payment method the customer prefers

  • If there is terms and conditions, you can let the customer acknowledge about it.

  • Then, click Complete Registration.

  • The automatic confirmation email with the QR code will be sent to the attendee for check-in.

  • In the email, the attendee can check the receipt and registration details.

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