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Approve or Confirm Pending Order as Complete
Approve or Confirm Pending Order as Complete

A guide to explain what is a pending order and how manually complete the order

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You might notice a Pending Orders section on your event Dashboard, but what is a pending order? And how do you confirm it?

What are pending orders?

Pending orders are orders that require your approval. Registrants in pending orders will not receive a QR code or registration confirmation email.

Registrants' orders will be pending if they choose:

  1. Offline payment method because you have not received the funds.

  2. Free ticket but with approval

  3. PayPal, because PayPal has a fraud checking review.
    We recommend checking your account make sure you have received the funds before confirming this kind of order.

Confirm a Pending Order

First, you need to go to the view order page. There are two ways you can view the orders.

  • From the main page, go to Manage My Events → Manage, and click on View Orders in the Report section

  • Now you are on the View Orders page, filter out the pending order by choosing Pending from the options available on the top.

  • Find the order you want to complete, then click the View button.

  • Click on Complete Order. Enter the Cheque Number (optional), Payment Received Date on which this order was confirmed, and add an Internal note if necessary.

  • After everything’s good, click Confirm to Complete.

A confirmation email will be sent to the registrant’s email and this order will also be listed under Confirmed orders on your Dashboard.

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