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How to Substitute a Guest

Learn how you can handle onsite registration for guest substitution

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If you require to substitute a guest with another guest, there are a couple of options you may consider:

  1. Edit the current guest information with the new guest details.

  2. Register a new walk-in guest and cancel the existing guest.

Option 1 - Edit the current guest information with the new guest's details

EventNook allows you to update the current guest information with the new guest details such as Name, Job Title, etc., and update the information. After that, you can check in with the guest and print the name badge (if badging is applicable).

To learn how to edit guest information, check out How to Edit Guest Information.

Option 2 - Register as a new walk-in guest

To register a new guest, follow these steps:

  • From the main page, go to Manage My Events Dashboard

  • Choose the Manage sections on the left and click Register+.

  • Pick the ticket type and quantity depending on the attendees who want to register.

  • Click on Buy Tickets and fill in the attendee’s details.

  • You will be directly brought to the Registration Confirmation screen for a free ticket. The attendees will receive a confirmation email

  • The automatic confirmation email with the QR code will be sent to the attendee for check-in, and in the email, the attendee can check the receipt and registration details.

  • If you have several payment types, you can choose one regarding the attendee’s preferred payment option, especially offline options (cheque, bank transfer, onsite payment).

    Please note that their status in your event will remain Pending until you had confirm their payment
  • If there are any terms and conditions, you can let the customer acknowledge or read them first.

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