You might notice a Pending Orders section on your event dashboard, but what is a pending order? And how do you confirm it? You will find out in this article.

What are pending orders?

Generally, pending orders are orders that are required the organiser's approval. Attendees in pending orders will not receive a QR code or registration confirmation email and cannot check-in during the event.

If an attendee chooses an offline payment method, his/her order will be listed as "Pending" because you have not received the funds. If an attendee chooses a free ticket, but with approval required, his/her order will be listed as "Pending". Furthermore, if an attendee paid through PayPal and his/her order is listed as Pending Order, it may be due to PayPal's fraud checking review. We recommend checking your account, make sure you have received the funds before confirming this kind of order.

Confirm a Pending Order

First, you need to go to the view order page. There are two ways you can view the orders.

  • Go to My Events>> Manage Event>> Manage, and you will immediately see all the orders.

  • If you go to My Events>>Manage Event>. View Dashboard, under Pending Box, click View Orders.

  • Once you are on the View Orders page, you can filter out the pending order choosing Pending from the order status search box's dropdown list.

  • After you find the order that you want to complete, you can click Mark as Complete.

  • Enter the date on which this order was confirmed and add an internal note if necessary.

  • Click Confirm to complete to be a confirmed order.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to the attendee's email informing the attendee of this completion. This order will also be listed under Confirmed Orders on your Dashboard.

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