EventNook allows you to create invitation codes for your private VIP/Corporate events. Before creating the invitation codes, you need to enable the private event settings. Click here to find out more about how to create a private event.

The following are the instructions for creating the invitation codes.

  • Go to My Events>> Manage Event>> Manage>> Promo Code>> Invitation Codes.

  • Click on Create An Invitation Code.

Option 1: Create an Invitation Code

It allows creating of one code at a time.

  • Click Create an Invitation Code.

  • Set the code in the text box of Invitation Code.

Option 2: Create Bulk Invitation Code

You can also create multiple invitation codes at the same time. Creating invitation discount codes would help to make unique for each or each group of audience such as Sponsor, Speakers, Alumni, VIPs, etc.

  • Click Create Bulk Invitation Codes.

  • Set the multiple codes in the text box of Invitation Codes, which will be applied to the registration site.

Notes: It allows the creation of 20 invitation codes per time.

Continue to follow the below instructions after filling up the text box of invitation codes.

  • Choose the Status.

Active: Live the invitation code to be applied on the event registration page.

Inactive: Invitation codes cannot be deleted, and choose Inactive if you want to disable the registration page's invitation code.

  • Specify the tickets that are entitled or applicable to the invitation code. You can select All Ticket Types or more than one ticket type if your invitation code needs to be applied for more than one ticket.

  • Set your invitation code functions under Optional Settings if required.

Minimum & Maximum Quantity: You can set the quantity at the minimum and maximum per registration based on your event nature. For instance, if you want to run an event with a limited audience for VIP seats, this feature would help set your invitation code to allow a maximum of 3 pax per registration.

Limit Usage Count: It allows to limit the usage of an invitation code, especially if the invitation is an exclusive one with a limited number. For example, when invitation codes are created for VIP seat rows only for five seats, you may want to limit it to 1-time use of an exclusive invitation code to prevent claiming multiple registrations or preventing it from sharing with others.

Valid Period: You can create an invitation code with a validity period. For example, if you allow pre-registration for a specific group for a week, you may want to set the period's validity with the start (Valid From) and end date (Expire on) of the invitation code.

  • Click on Upload to save all the invitation code settings.

 Image of Invitation Code applied in registration site

  • You can recheck the code created and click on

Action: To edit the invitation code

View Orders & View Attendees: To view all the registrants' information associated with the invitation codes you have created.

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