There are 2 options to log in to EventNook Kiosk App.

  1. Login by your EventNook's account Email (username) and Password

  2. Login by scanning a temporary access QR Code

Login by scanning a temporary access QR Code

It's an alternative way to access the check-in app without entering your email and password. On the event day, you may need to quickly log in to the app from multiple devices to access the check-in function. If you enter your email and password, it can take a longer time.

By creating a temporary access QR Code, you can also share it with your event registration staff so they can log in to the EventNook check-in app from multiple devices without knowing your own login username and password.

How to create the access QR Code, read the steps details at this article Fast Login Access to EventNook Kiosk with QR Code Scan.

Example of EventNook Kiosk App Login screen

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